Thursday, March 8, 2007

Who Contemplated a Skull?

Who were the great figures in literary and art history who contemplated skulls? (Who cares?)

Now it is my turn to contemplate my skull (Who cares?):

1.Is my post-operative brain swelling even as I type, thus rendering it too big for my skull? If so will I soon start behaving like a pit bull?
2.Will the titanium mesh inside my head eventually rub against the skull bone and cause canker sores, which are the worst curses of all?
3.Will radiation to the brain do something odd not only to the brain but also to the skull? (Books never address this issue.)
4.Is there such a thing as skull cancer?
5.If so what are the symptoms?
6.How many times can they incise the same area of skull?
7.Another way of stating #6: Once incised, does the bone of the skull ever heal?
8.In short does my skull now bear some sort of cast? If not should it?
9.Why should an image of a skull and bones universally represent poison? Shouldn't a picture of a person gagging and/or vomiting be used instead?

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