Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Life Is Beautiful

Just returned from the pharmacy and thus the shopping center.

It is very cold in NYC today: winter's last hurrah.

And I was able to feel the cold!

The wind blew, and I was able to walk steadily and hold on to my hat! At the same time!

The wind blew again, and I was able to steer my car straight ahead!

A trash can had rolled into the middle of the street, and I was able to maneuver my car around it!

The pharmacy was empty because it is too cold for all the old sick people - except for me!

A lot of mail and bags ended up in my left hand, and nothing slipped out!

And G-d's little smirky joke is that it is already March and that spring is on the way!

Another smirky joke is that suddenly I feel pain (or maybe just pressure) where I imagine the left kidney to be. My brain still responds to the power of suggestion!!

Life is beautiful.

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spg said...

Aside from the pain, it is! As I'm sure you can guess, this is my favorite post so far. I love that you're up and out and enjoying your (COLD!) day!