Saturday, October 1, 2016

Some Questions as the Old Jewish Year Draws to a Close

1. Why am I still alive?
2.How do I dare ask such a question?
3. Why do certain people who are so dear to me hate me so much that they refuse either to see me or to speak to me?
4.Why am I sitting here all alone "eating" meals on wheels food and wondering if the growth on my chest is cancer. (Probably is.)
5.How many cancers is too many cancers? Oh enough already!
6.How come whenever I hear that whistle blowing, I know that the train filled with perverts is coming straight to me? 
7.Why did we invade Iraq?
8.Why did we have the right to kill and maim thousands of innocent Iraquis, including women and children?
9.Why should we not expect more terrorist attacks? (See #8.)
10.Is treason still a crime in this great country?
11.Is using an idiot wrapped in a moron as a candidate for you-know-what just one of God's little jokes?
12.Is the carbon level so damaged that earth no longer has a chance to survive?
13.If so when will this Henny Penny story with a horrible ending occur?
14.Can we really colonize Mars?
15.Will martians some day find our fossilized body parts and yell "eureka"?
16.How long will it take earthlings to destroy the planet Mars?
17.Why have FB and the Internet (including this piece) become instruments for inviting danger?
18.Why don't they send all the cybersexters off to a special island for unique new offenders? (They can cybersext (what a word to add to the King's language!) with each other til the end of time, which may not be long. See #12 above.
19.How go on living? I know: Put on a happy smile!
20.Do you have a survival kit?

Just Asking.

On the other hand: May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for a happy and healthy new year. How much more expiation for our sins are we all required to do? L'shona Tovah. and d'ats all my friends.

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