Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fun Facts As 2014 Draws to a Close

1.Comorbidities of kidney cancer are as bad as the cancer itself.
2.I am now in stage 3b of chronic kidney disease (ckd) by virtue of losing one kidney, getting older, and other factors. (There are only 5 stages. Who knew this could happen?}
3.I have had (and am told I no doubt again have) kidney stones.
4.These stones cannot be removed because one surgical error would lead straight to dialysis.
5.I have a large cyst in my kidney, which also cannot be removed. (See above.)
6.I have become supremely agoraphobic.
7.I need to have a thyroid nodule biopsied again because the latest doctor hit blood vessels and only drew blood.
8.I have leukemia probably from focused head radiation.
9.I have cataracts probably also from focused head radiation treatments.
10.Kidney stones hurt worse when they pass (well, maybe not worse) than childbirth.
11.You never recover from the shock and grief of losing EVERYTHING you ever owned, particularly your mind, in a hurricane that was probably a tsunami.
12.I have been in p/t  for a year trying to learn to walk after breaking a spinal cord bone.
13.I pray constantly that i might regain my faith.
14.The exhaustion of CKD stage 3 and lymphoma stage 1 are worse than cancer surgeries and ensuing comas.
15.Some of my best friends have deserted me, like birds from a tree.