Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poem, for Jeff

That time I was in heaven,it was pink with flowers.
The pink was essential pink, or perhaps platonic
pink, so pink it was. My baby boy flew
through the pinkness on angel's wings,
his sunlit hair down to his eyes but blocking
his vision not at all. (The sunlight, you see,
carried such blessing.)There were Greg Daddies
all around, and so easy to catch one. "Please,
Daddy, read me "Charlotte's Web" just one more
time, and of course he did, each time you asked.
So many happy leaping piggies! So many
miracle webs! SOME PIG! Some Daddy!Some Mommy,
fighting her way back to the world of pastries.
A long time from now, Mommy will hold her one true
Love in that very pink flowery heaven
And we will kiss all sadness away.

e. moser, heart on fire

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