Friday, December 21, 2007

The Innocents Aboard

Thursday, December 13. 2007

I arrive in Cobble Hill only to find poor Sheryl in deep distress: She has the stomach virus that is making most of NYC miserable. She is so sick that she does not even want Jeff to go down and get her creamed brussels sprouts, which she wanted last time she was sick. Sheryl languishes all night and does not seem to get better. I experience my first opportunity to worry all night about a daughter instead of son. (Really, the two are pretty similar.)

Friday, December 14, 2007

We are all up early. Sheryl still looks piqued and does not want any food. Jeff parks my car in a covered lot; we call a limo and prepare to leave the tundra that NYC has become and head south. (I am still worried about what will happen if I collapse on the plane. Will they have to land the plane in some strange city that does not take my health insurance and maybe does not even have a hospital? Sheryl and Jeff laugh at me, and we head for Newark Airport.)

We arrive in Florida early, where Harriet and Aunt Rozzie have somehow made their way through the gates and are waiting for us at the foot of the airplane exit. Jeff, thinking he is in the tropics, immediately removes his jacket and sweatshirt. Sheryl seems to be feeling better. I am saying little prayers of thankfulness that I did not experience vertigo or total lack of balance on the plane. All is well!!

Harriet has made a lovely chicken meal. Michael is very pleased with the meal and also with Harriet, whom he seems to love very much. He loves Sheryl and Jeff a lot too and is already calling him "son-in-law." Harriet appears to share his sentiments.

Sunday, December 15, 2007

Sheryl goes for her final bridal gown fitting. Jeff's eyes are sure to haze over when he sees his bride walk down the aisle in her most beautiful gown. Then Harriet goes for a fitting in her most lovely plum-colored evening gown. Much as I am tempted, I do not give up my intention to wear my frum outfit to the wedding, frumpy or not. It will be what it will be (or already is).

I left out lunch, but now I will go on to supper. We go to a restaurant whose owner is something or other on TV. Harriet asks for the waiter to send him over, and eventually he does. It turns out it is his birthday! I think we are supposed to get free dessert, but the cost appears on the bill. (Who is that guy anyway?)


We meet Rabbi Gold, who seems very nice. (It seems strange for a rabbi to offer his hand, but I take it anyway.) He really just wants to speak to the kids, so the grown-ups take a tour of the Gordons' old neighborhood, which is very impressive. We also see the high school in which Michael teaches Math.

Back at the shul, we see two iguanas. One of them is stuck in a chain link fence and seems rather unattractive, even for an iguana. The other one is very "hot" and must be maddeningly attractive to others of his kind. He hears us rustle the grass and immediately demonstrates the "fight or flight" response; since there is nowhere to run, however, he remains a captive of our curious eyes. I say that if I had a pair of gloves I would throw both animals back into the little pond from whence they came, but I don't think anyone (except maybe Jeff) believes me.

Soon we have a nice deli meal with Aunt Rozzie and two of her sons. Then I very rudely fall asleep, quite exhausted from so much activity.

Then we are driven to the airport and say good-bye to the Gordons. The flight is okay until we approach New York City; we fly over Sea Gate and find ourselves not even near LaGuardia 1/2 hour later. (The iguanas could have gotten there sooner.) Turns out there is a great deal of wind, and the plane has been circling in an attempt to land, which it finally does with a huge THUMP. Jeff says he feels sick; Sheryl is now fine; I, thank G-d, have neither fainted nor died.

Home and queued up waiting for a cab. Boy, is it ever COLD!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

So Long 2007...

...Year of Miracles:

1.I survived a divorce.
2.I survived a cerebellum clot and bleed.
3.I survived an emergency craniotomy.
4.I survived removal of my left cancerous kidney.
5.I survived 30 sessions of focused radiation to my head.
6.I survived anaphylactic shock caused by eight days of a toxic immunogenic drug.
7.I survived going bald. (My hair is actually growing back, more or less.)


And I would like to thank G-d, family, friends, acquaintances and all blog-readers for bringing me back from the other side. I COULD NOT have done it withouy everyone's help and prayers.