Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Last Friday morning all of us (Greg, Jeff, Sheryl and I) loaded into the old Honda and headed upstate to the "country" - i.e. the Catskill Mountains. Sheryl had never been there, and it was particularly fun for her ( I hope) because her parents had first met at the Tamarack Hotel, which may or may not still be in existence.

The mountains themseslves were predictably beautiful, the many shades of green only increased by the frequent rains we have had this summer. Although there is a striking absence of insects there too, there surely were enough tics around to cause me considerable angst and upset because Sheryl and Jeff wore flip-flops and only sneered when I recommended lace- up shoes and socks.

We stopped first at the Kerchners' house in Liberty. Jeff could not even sit on the front porch; he looked like he was about to faint from mold smell the whole time we were there. Sheryl played the piano; then we all went to a lovely crafts store. Back at home Andrea, Diana and I made earrings while Adam, Josh, Jeff and Sheryl went to play miniature golf, or "minister golf," as Jeffy used to say. Then it was lanyard time.

Saturday Night

We ate in a nice restaurant - thankfully I could eat! Then we paid a visit to Wal-Mart, the main sight to see, and then the four of use went to Kutsher's, the 100 year-old hotel where we spent the night. I was amazed that the hotel, though effete, is clean and very much a large snapshot of the 1950's. I was quite dismayed that the "oldtmers" are about my age: they had been young children at much the same time I had been a little girl! The jewelry in the boutique store looked as it did some 50 (!) years ago; so did the clothing.

The next day we stopped at Woodbury Commons. It was very hot, but everyone managed to shop.

Then home. I think we all had a very nice time, though we are not headiing back in that direction any time soon.

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