Monday, April 30, 2007

A Scene Straight out of "Sex and the City"

Remember when Carrie discovers that all of her important computer files have been deleted and that there wasn't a damned thing she could do about it? The same thing has happened to me!!!!!!!!

Possible Ways My Files Were Deleted:

1.Someone with a grudge against me came here while I was in the hospital and erased them.
2.I am a paranoid schizphrenic and only thnk somebody would want to erase my files.
3.A friendly ghost, such as Caspar, whom I met on the Other Side, followed me home and played a trick on me.
4.An unfriendly ghost did it.
5.Nobody did it and I am delusional.
6.Greg did it to retaliate for the divorce.
7.The nor'easter did it.
8.I did it while I was in shock.
9.A disgruntled student did it.
10. Mandy!

1 comment:

Jeff'y said...

Mandy thought your files were jellybeans and ate them. We really should feed her more often. Ooops!

I'd suggest that you don't color code your files licorice red and sour apple green in the future.