Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mandy Matters

1Does Mandy create pandamonium in the playground?

2.Would Mandy be a pandacea for a kid who has no siblings? or a kid who has no pets?

Apple of her grandma's eye
Naughty but nice
Yentala, at times. (Aren't we all?)

4.Love is a mandy splendid thing.

5.Mandy : bamboo :: Jeffy : sushi

6.Baby gift: a 2x4 picture frame to accommodate a picture of a stick of butter

7.Mandy ripped a pair of spandax jogging pants. Gotta get her a new pair.

8.Mandy Haiku: Mandy our sweet pet
Mandy my granddaugther too
O Mandy, Mandy, what are you?

1 comment:

Jeff'y said...

Mandy says she likes your post, but she wants some jellybeans. And she smells kind of funny. Are we supposed to bathe her?