Sunday, March 4, 2007

Home Alone I

Jeff is driving Sheryl and Greg to the train station! Hopefully he will return safely and escort me to doctors tomorrow.

Being Home Alone is fraught with the deepest fears: Will driving-resistant Jeff actually return? Why is Greg no longer living here? Will Sheryl survive our family's tragedies?

One wants to hold on to each one of the above persons and beg him/her to stay. (One also wants to hold on to G-d and beg Him/Her to allow one to remain in this world with these people who are so intensely dear.)

Greg the dependable, who always dealt with doctors and somehow delivered bad news in ways that were not so bad.

Jeff the immensely vulnerable, who hides behind silly stoicism.

Sheryl the saviour, without whom Jeff and therefore I would not have survived to this point in time.

My beautiful people!!!

And the utterly incredible people who visit each day, email each day and call on the phone each day! Such wonder; such fear now of being Home Alone.

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